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The Story of Irene. E-book

The Story of Irene. E-book

di Erri De Luca

  • Tradotto da: Jim Hicks
  • Editore: Zoom Feltrinelli
  • Data di Pubblicazione: gennaio 2015
  • Pagine: 62
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  • Formato: EPUB
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  • EAN: 9788858853665
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““With a single push of her heels, she slips away from my side. The star-encrusted sky surrounds her, outlining her body in light. Beauty in all its purity going out to sea, immune to the lures of future lives. Not even a wave goodbye, like a serpent shedding its skin.”” A young girl who was rescued by dolphins grows up an orphan on a Greek island. Her name is Irene, and by day she lives on land, while at night she unites with her true family in the sea. She is also pregnant, despite being only fourteen years old, and she entrusts her extraordinary story to an itinerant visitor. Number of characters: 73.094