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The Panel. E-book

The Panel. E-book

di Erri De Luca

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  • Editore: Zoom Feltrinelli
  • Data di Pubblicazione: novembre 2013
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“If we defend ourselves against you, and you against us, our classroom becomes a battlefield. The stronger side will win, but school will be over.”In an all-boys high school in Naples, what was meant to be a simple prank turns into all-out war, requiring some unforgettable wisdom from a beloved classics professor. It’s 1967, and a wooden panel unscrewed from a professor’s desk becomes an emblem of rebellion just one year before students all over Europe launch their own revolt. Will the boys’ stubborn “solidarity” win out, or will someone squeal on the culprits, so as not to be punished as well? Number of character: 21.369.

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