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The Trials & Triumphs of Bugsy Seagull & Pete Moss

The Trials & Triumphs of Bugsy Seagull & Pete Moss

di David Lee Gieseke

Prodotto momentaneamente non disponibile
  • Editore: Mirror Publishing
  • Illustratore: Burgbacher Chris
  • Data di Pubblicazione: April 2008
  • EAN: 9780981590493
  • ISBN: 0981590497
  • Pagine: 00028

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Bugsy Seagull is in trouble. He has been arrested for illegal scavenging and is going to court. The wise Judge Owl looks on as the jury decides if the witnesses are just stool pigeons signing like canaries or just plain bird-brained. Will Bugsy be set free or is his goose cooked? The Flowers and Weeds take the field in America's greatest pastime. The Weeds are tough but the Flowers are lead by the great player/coach, Pete Moss. And you thought he was just a bag of fertilizer. Find out how this baseball player extraordinaire and his team, the Flowers, overcome a team of nasty Stink Weeds.