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A Kiss for Lily

A Kiss for Lily

di Lia Nirgad

Prodotto momentaneamente non disponibile
  • Editore: MacAdam/Cage Publishing
  • Illustratore: Abulafia Yossi
  • Data di Pubblicazione: April 2006
  • EAN: 9781596921634
  • ISBN: 1596921633
  • Pagine: 24
  • Formato: Hardcover
Lily the Giraffe is soooooo tall, soooooo tall, so very-very-very tall that when she asks a dog and then a cat if they will kiss her the way she saw Michael's father kiss him ? warm and sweet on the cheek ? neither can reach her. But Michael wants to try and determinedly sets out to climb up high enough. Finally he succeeds, and Lily is delighted. Repeated phrases that children are certain to chant along with and a tale that is both satisfying and reassuring guarantee that this gentle love story will be a favorite for many family read-alouds.