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Exchanges Within

Exchanges Within

di Henry John Sinclair Pentland, Mary Rothenberg, John Pentland

Normalmente disponibile in 7/8 giorni lavorativi
  • Editore: Tarcher
  • Data di Pubblicazione: August 2004
  • EAN: 9781585423651
  • ISBN: 1585423653
  • Pagine: 00400
Selections from nearly thirty years of teachings by one of the principal students of Gurdjieff.
"Exchanges Within" concentrates on one main question: How do we find within ourselves what we have lost-our reality, wholeness, and significance-as the human kind of being in the universe?
Through the intensity of his own search, John Pentland radiated the help necessary for group members again and again to discover and try to express where they actually are in the process of understanding and in the movement toward "being." The "exchanges" in "Exchanges Within" provide a glimpse into the dynamics of a living teaching and reflect genuine efforts toward the discovery and practice of meaningful living in the face of forces that drain human life of the sacred.

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