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English verbs. A practical grammar

English verbs. A practical grammar

di Jozef Falinski

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Descrizione del libro

English Verbs is a comprehensive, in-depth description of the English verb system, dealing with time and tense in the verb system, aspect, modality, mood in the form of the passive and conditionals, and, on the lexical side, catenative and phrasal verbs. It is a practical grammar, in that the theoretical/descriptive framework goes together with a practical component, which makes it very useful as a class course-book. Each grammar point is reinforced by abundant examples, many carefully-graded monolingual exercises of transformation and completion, and translation practice. Carefully selected, authentic reading passages illustrate the grammar of each unit. In its conception the book is Italian language-specific, placing emphasis firmly on the needs of the Italian learner of English. A key to the exercises is provided. Jozef Falinski is Associate Professor of English at the University of Padua. Graduated at Oxford and Padua, he has wide experience of teaching English at a university level and has published grammar and translation teaching material.