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The Caller - Part 7. E-book

The Caller - Part 7. E-book

di Jocy Gayheart

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  • Editore: Jocy Gayheart
  • Data di Pubblicazione: gennaio 2016
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  • EAN: 9788892544420
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A story about horniness, obedience, and the secret ties between women.

Slowly, she raised her eyes again, until they met with mine. It looked for a moment as if she was having second thoughts, as if this new, unknown and frightening thing we were doing was too much. I saw the same doubts in her eyes that I was wrestling with myself. Was this prostitution? Were we just depraved? Was all of this just an excuse for us to have the sex we never could have? Or was it more?

"Yes, Miss Gayheart," she said finally, nodding. "I'm happy to be able to help someone like you." A soft crimson colour crept up her cheeks, making her look cute and innocent.

"Good," I smiled, unfolding my legs and spreading them slowly towards her. Through the glass top she could see my skirt sliding upwards, revealing my curly black pubes and wet labia. "Get down on your knees and take care of that, then."

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