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The Bakhty?r N?ma / A Persian Romance. E-book

The Bakhty?r N?ma / A Persian Romance. E-book

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The Romance which forms the staple of this little volume is generally considered as belonging to the Sindibad cycle of tales. It has for ages been popular in the East, though to the average English reader the very name of Prince Bakhtyar is unknown. Many years ago the learned Orientalist Sir W. Ouseley presented his countrymen with an English translation of this romance, but copies of his work have now become extremely scarce. Dr Johnson’s dictum, that the scarcity of a book is evidence of its worthlessness, otherwise copies of it would have been multiplied, is (like not a few of his other tea-table sayings) more specious than true. Many causes, besides that of uselessness, may render a book scarce. A book may be a very good book yet lack interest, excepting for only a few readers; and such was doubtless the case of Sir W. Ouseley’s translation; for, strange to say, considering our vast Asiatic possessions, the cultivation of Oriental literature in this country has hitherto met with little or no encouragement from the English people generally.

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