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Atlantis. E-book

Atlantis. E-book

di Gerhart Hauptmann

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  • Editore: Blackmore Dennett
  • Data di Pubblicazione: dicembre 2018
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  • EAN: 9788829573035
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Dr. Frederick von Kammacher has reached rock bottom. His best friend has recently died, his wife has gone insane, and with the publication of an embarrassingly erroneous work of research, he has jeopardized his reputation as a noted physician and bacteriologist. With nothing left to lose, he takes up passage on the steamship Roland, bound for America, for the sole purpose of stalking a 16-year-old dancer with whom he has become obsessed. From this depressing introduction, it's obvious this transatlantic journey will be no pleasure cruise. Rough weather contributes to the pessimistic outlook. Despite being large enough to carry hundreds of passengers, the Roland is tossed about on the waves as if it were a wee tugboat...

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