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THE TIMES RED CROSS STORY BOOK - 18 stories contributed by authors serving during WWI. E-book

THE TIMES RED CROSS STORY BOOK - 18 stories contributed by authors serving during WWI. E-book

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  • Editore: Abela Publishing
  • Data di Pubblicazione: ottobre 2018
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  • EAN: 9788829529834
The 18 stories in this fundraising book were contributed by soldiers serving during the Great War. The funds raised were donated to the Red Cross, hence the book’s title.

The stories have been contributed by authors like A. A. Milne, Oliver Onions, W. B. Maxwell, Cosmo Hamilton, Ian Hay amongst the many, who at the time were, themselves, serving soldiers facing the horrors of the trenches.

The stories in this volume are:
Dimoussi And The Pistol
The Woman
The Cherub
An Impossible Person
The Veil Of Flying Water
“Bill Bailey”
Lame Dogs
The Silver Thaw
The Bronze Parrot
The Forbidden Woman
Eliza And The Special
The Probation Of Jimmy Baker
The Ghost That Failed
The Miracle
The Fight For The Garden
The Face In The Hop Vines

10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities which support returned servicemen injured in the more recent conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and other recent theatres of war.
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