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Living a Healthy Lifestyle. E-book

Living a Healthy Lifestyle. E-book

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At times, you feel you have done everything; ate sensibly, kept a good diet, did enough exercise and meditated daily, and now you are tired and find it impossible to carry on. What are the reasons for the sudden lack of energy?
Follow these great tips and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.
Turn off the idiot box: Turn your TV off. Get off the couch and into an exercise routine. Many diseases have sedentary lifestyle as their base, so why risk it. 30 minutes or so of any fitness program works wonders on your body and keep you feeling well and fit.
A special vegetable: Having a sudden bout of high blood pressure, or is it constantly high despite medicines? Make a glass of beetroot juice and see the difference. This tip comes from a reliable medical school that advises drinking half a litre of it.
Get those minerals:
Magnesium, potassium, and calcium to fight off high blood pressure, so get it from your food. Your body needs many more, so check with a dietician or your doctor.

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