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The Hundredth Chance: Part II/II. E-book

The Hundredth Chance: Part II/II. E-book

di Ethel M. Dell

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  • Editore: Ethel M. Dell
  • Data di Pubblicazione: luglio 2015
  • Dimensione: 0.28 MB
  • Formato: EPUB
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  • EAN: 9786050401172
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Chops the setter was puzzled.
He had been following his mistress about in his faithful way throughout the whole of that hot July afternoon, and he had fathomed the fact that she was preparing for a visitor. He even half-suspected that he knew who the visitor would prove to be. But none the less was he puzzled by her attitude. For to Chops' plain and honest mind the coming of a guest was a cause for undiluted joy. But it was evident that to Maud the advent of this one was a matter of anxiety, even almost of dread.

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