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Some Thoughts. E-book

Some Thoughts. E-book

di John Locke

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To arrive at any determinate notions on a sub ject, in which, as the father ofa family, I am myself deeply interested, I found it necessary to examine the theories and practice of other times and coun tries; and, although space is here wanting to give, in detail, the result of all these researches, it will not, perhaps, be out of place to preface the masterly treatise of Locke by a glance over the notions ante cedently prevalent in the world. A compilation, however, of plans, rules, and regulations, or even an analysis of pmdagogic legislation, would by no means answer my purpose. What I aim at is, to give the pervading spirit of education during the ages preceding our philosopher's labours, which, almost entirelv divested of visionary systematizing, have effected more towards introducing the deci sions of common sense into this branch of politics, -for such it is, — than those cf any other man, per haps, since the days of Aristotle.

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