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The Sorely Trying Day

The Sorely Trying Day

di Russell Hoban

Normalmente disponibile in 7/8 giorni lavorativi
  • Editore: New York Review of Books
  • Illustratore: Hoban Lillian
  • Data di Pubblicazione: March 2010
  • EAN: 9781590173435
  • ISBN: 1590173430
  • Pagine: 48
  • Formato: Hardcover
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Father has had a long hard day at work. A sorely trying day indeed. He wants to sit down and put his feet up and rest. But what does he find when he arrives home? Commotion, consternation, confusion, chaos rule! How to get to the bottom of it? How to restore some semblance of proper order?
The investigation, reluctantly begun, expands in widening circles to take in the whole family, as finger points to pointing finger. Perhaps everyone is to blame? Perhaps to set things straight everyone just needs to sit down, say sorry, and start over again?
That family life is just that simple and never quite that simple is the message Russell and Lillian Hoban, the creators of such classics as "Bread and Jam for Frances," "A Little Sister for Frances," and "The Little Brute Family," bring alive in this cleverly fashioned and heartwarmingly illustrated tale of a house in uproar.

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