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Robust Electronic Design Reference Book: With Appendices

Robust Electronic Design Reference Book: With Appendices

di John R. Barnes

Prodotto momentaneamente non disponibile
  • Editore: Kluwer Academic Publishers
  • Data di Pubblicazione: March 2004
  • EAN: 9781402077395
  • ISBN: 1402077394
  • Pagine: 1792
  • Formato: Hardcover

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If you design electronics for a living, you need Robust Electronic Design Reference Book. Written by a working engineer, who has put over 115 electronic products into production at Sycor, IBM, and Lexmark, Robust Electronic Design Reference covers all the various aspects of designing and developing electronic devices and systems that:

-Are safe and reliable.
-Can be manufactured, tested, repaired, and serviced.
-May be sold and used worldwide.
-Can be adapted or enhanced to meet new and changing requirements.