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Puzzles and games in second language teaching. A bimodal perspective

Puzzles and games in second language teaching. A bimodal perspective

di Marcel Danesi

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Descrizione del libro

This book presents a model of second language teaching based on the utilization of puzzles and games in an integrated pedagogical fashion. It describes the main types of ludic devices in relation to the kinds of brain-compatible functions they activate, providing concrete examples and illustrations of their learning-enhancing features. Each puzzle, riddle, and game is described specifically in terms of its cognitive structure, verbal features, and relevance to second language learning. The book also provides detailed background histories of the educational uses of puzzles and games and what these imply for second language teaching. Overall, it shows how ludic devices can be employed concretely to activate specific learning processes. In an age where critical thinking is expected as an outcome in all school subjects, these ludic activities inject it concretely into the second language classroom (real or virtual).


1. Ludic Activities in Education and Second Language Teaching
2. Riddles
3. Wordplay
4. Logic Puzzles
5. Cryptograms, Rebuses, and Mini-Mysteries
6. Visual Puzzles
7. Games
8. A Bimodal Model