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di Raymond Chandler

Prodotto momentaneamente non disponibile
  • Editore: Audiogo
  • Data di Pubblicazione: March 2011
  • EAN: 9781408427545
  • ISBN: 1408427540
  • Pagine: 1
  • Formato: Compact Disc
A brand-new BBC Radio full-cast dramatization of a classic Raymond Chandler mystery featuring private eye Philip Marlowe. Marlowe is mixing a little business with pleasure--he's getting paid to follow a mysterious and lovely redhead called Eleanor King. And wherever Miss King goes, trouble seems to follow. But she's easy on the eye and Marlowe's happy to do as he's told, all in the name of chivalry, of course. But one dead body later and what started out to be a lazy day's snooping soon becomes a deadly cocktail of blackmail, lies, mistaken identity--and murder.