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A Lily Among the Thorns: Imagining a New Christian Sexuality

A Lily Among the Thorns: Imagining a New Christian Sexuality

di Miguel A. De La Torre

Prodotto momentaneamente non disponibile
  • Editore: Jossey-Bass
  • Data di Pubblicazione: April 2007
  • EAN: 9780787981464
  • ISBN: 078798146X
  • Pagine: 208
  • Formato: Hardcover
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A provocative new vision of Christian sexuality

This unique approach to Christian sexuality looks to the Bible to examine how and why patriarchal thinking as well as racism, sexism, and classism have distorted the faith’ s central teachings. Miguel De La Torre, a well-respected ethicist and professor known for his innovative readings of Christian doctrine, illuminates such sensitive topics such as pornography, pedophilia, homosexuality, and celibacy with fresh interpretations of the biblical text and re-examinations of traditional teachings. The author outlines a model of biblically based sexuality that fosters intimacy and openness between loving partners.

Miguel A. De La Torre (Denver, CO) is a professor of ethics and religion at Iliff School of Theology, a syndicated newspaper and Internet columnist, and a respected expert on liberation theologies.