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Germanic Warrior Ad 236-568

Germanic Warrior Ad 236-568

di Simon Macdowall

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  • Editore: Osprey Publishing (UK)
  • Illustratore: McBride Angus
  • Data di Pubblicazione: September 1996
  • EAN: 9781855325869
  • ISBN: 1855325861
  • Pagine: 64
  • Formato: Paperback
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The 3rd to the 6th centuries saw the collapse of the classical Mediterranean civilization and the emergence of new states in western Europe based on the Germanic warrior society. This book focuses particularly on the men who made up the retinues of the Germanic warlords who carved kingdoms out of the carcass of the West Roman Empire. Although sources are scarce, Simon MacDowall constructs a convincing picture, using evidence from Roman historians, German archaeology and Anglo-Saxon poetry. The warriors' society, hierarchy, training, equipment, appearance, tactics and style of fighting are all examined, building a comprehensive portrait of the Germanic warrior in this period.