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El Arte de Convivir y la Cortesia Social

El Arte de Convivir y la Cortesia Social

di Gaby Vargas

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  • Editore: Aguilar
  • Data di Pubblicazione: January 2006
  • EAN: 9789707702608
  • ISBN: 9707702605
  • Pagine: 430
  • Formato: Paperback
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?In the second volume of her "Art of Living Together" series, Mexico's image and etiquette diva lays out the rules for behaving graciously at home and in public. Vargas begins with interactions between couples, suggesting that spouses make an effort to spend vacation time alone together, read a good sex book, and do each other small favors. She then moves on to other family relations (children, in -laws) and to various social interactions, such as at school, at parties, and while traveling. Vargas leavens the book's many lists with humor and with reprints of her popular newspaper column. One of these reprints discusses the emergence of "the new woman" who balances family and work. Vargas's book is surprisingly cosmopolitan for the most part; its advice applies as well to life in the United States as in Mexico.? ? Publishers Weekly