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Stories of Red Hanrahan. E-book

Stories of Red Hanrahan. E-book

di William Butler Yeats

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  • Editore: Nobel
  • Data di Pubblicazione: giugno 2015
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  • EAN: 9788897502005
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Hanrahan is an hedge schoolmaster: with his little inkpot hanging from his neck by a chain, and his big Virgil and his primer in the skirt of his coat, he goes walking through the villages in the Kirtantan County. He sings songs that himself has written after had heard them from the green plover of the mountain or from the wind in the moor. He is a poet and knows the sorrow and the grief. He is a musician and can sing it. He is a man and “chants and enchants”.
The character created by W.B.Yeats who better embodies the spirit of Ireland.

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