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The Moon Pool. E-book

The Moon Pool. E-book

di Abraham Merritt

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  • Editore: Abraham Merritt
  • Data di Pubblicazione: dicembre 2015
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American editor and author of works of fantastic fiction of some interest. Originally trained in law, he turned to journalism, first as a correspondent, and later as editor. In 1917, published his first fantasy, The People of the Pit, in Weird Tales. This was followed by many more tales, including: Through the Dragon Glass [1917], The Moon Pool [1918] and its sequel The Conquest of the Moon Pool [1919], The Metal Monster [1920], The Face in the Abyss [1923], The Ship of Ishtar, Dwellers in the Mirage [1932], The Woman of the Wood [1926], Burn, Witch, Burn! [1932], Creep, Shadow, Creep! [1934], The Drone Man [1934] and The Fox Woman [1946]. Merrit also had a passion for exotic plants, writing numerous articles on botany. Also discoverer, with S. Weir Mitchell, of psychedelic drugs. He died in Florida in 1943, after a heart attack.

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