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GOingREEN. A collaborative platform for the Excellences of  Campania Region. E-book

GOingREEN. A collaborative platform for the Excellences of Campania Region. E-book

di AA. VV.

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The virtuous businesses are the main stakeholders of a territory that today risk the "isolation" if they are not supported by systems and tools of governance needed to ensure not only the relative sustainability over time and space, but above all to provide their important contribution for the pursuit of sustainability of well-being. To summarize the objective of this volume it is necessary to focus on the Excellences, which are companies that have invested in greening, and that become for the "Enterpise System" of the Campania Region a irreplaceable beacon to enter concretely in a dimension of sustainability. The volume represents the result of a research project that the Cesvitec, the special agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Naples for eco-sustainable competitive innovation in businesses of Green Economy supply chains, has entrusted to the Department of Economic and Law Studies of the University of Naples "Parthenope"; it offers contributions on best practices in green economy for the eco-sustainable construction industry and tourism, providing examples of excellence in Texas and the United States, with a series of recommendations and guidelines useful for implementation of a Green Society and for the design and implementation of the web platform GOingREEN.

Gian Paolo Cesaretti
, President of the Simone Cesaretti Foundation and University Professor. Creator of the declaration of the foundation "Thinking Sustainability", the professor Cesaretti is author of numerous articles and books concerning the sustainability of well-being. He held various institutional roles inherent both the agrifood than the environmental sector.
Rosa Misso, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Law Studies of the University of Naples "Parthenope". She is author of numerous publications related to the sustainable local governance, shared social responsibility, climate change and environmental sustainability.

Vito Grassi, Preface
Gian Paolo Cesaretti, Introduction
Section 1. The Green Society: Theoretical Framework
Gian Paolo Cesaretti, Rosa Misso, Towards the Green Society
(Abstract; Well-being and its sustainability: towards new horizons for the society; Towards the Green Society; Stakeholders' action for sustainability; Strategic policies for the Green Society; Corporate System: a new entity between well-being sustainability and good examples; The Excellences System in the Green Society; References)
Safwat H. Shakir Hanna, Kendall T. Harris, Irvin W. Osborne-Lee, Gian Paolo Cesaretti, Rosa Misso, Magdy T. Khalil, Ecosystem and Reliability of Natural Capital Globally: an overview
(Abstract; Introduction; Relationship between Natural Resources, Goods and Services as Natural Capital; Importance of Green Buildings; Problems of Human Well-Being, Natural Resources and its Consumption and Sustainable Development; Natural Capital and Values of Ecosystems; Discussions; Conclusions; References)
Section 2. Green Society, Eco-Tourism and Eco-Building
Safwat H. Shakir Hanna, Best Practices in Green Economy for Sustainable Building and Sustainable Eco-Tourism in Texas and USA
(Abstract; Introduction; Issues of Sustainability and Renewability of Resources; Importance of Green Buildings; Importance of How the Green Buildings Affect Climate Change; For Business and Commercial Business Buildings; Residential Energy and Cost Analysis Methodology; Key Tools and Resources for commercial buildings; Reduction of Heat Island; Industrial Waste Materials Recycling; Ecotourism and Sustainable Development; Recommendations; Conclusions; References)
Francesca D'Alessandro, Environment, Society, and Economy: The Contribution of Architecture and Design, from Overseas realities to the Projects Executed in Campania Region
(Abstract; Architecture, Building and Sustainability: the Green Building; International Best Practices; Campania region towards a sustainable future; References)
Section 3. GOingREEN A Strategic Tool for the Green Society in Campania Region
George Tsekouropoulos, Zacharoula S. Andreopoulou, Rosa Misso, Green business, Integrated marketing communications and green marketing strategy for sustainability
(Abstract; The Good Manufacturing Practice GMP a comparative advantage; Environmental and Social Challenges; The new action in green economy; Strategies of competitive advantage obtainment; Green strategies; The three approaches of environmental strategy; The idea of green marketing; The importance and necessity of green marketing; Marketing Communications; Integrated Marketing Communications; Carriers to IMC; Integrated Marketing Communications IMC characteristics; The role of promotion as a strong IMC tool; References)
Zacharoula S. Andreopoulou, Design and implementation of Model Website for the promotion of GOingREEN Project for greener enterprises of Campania region
(Abstract; Introduction; Methods and Material; Results; Conclusions; References).