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Frank Jabroni: Public Enemy # 9. E-book

Frank Jabroni: Public Enemy # 9. E-book

di Alessandro Paci, Alessio Nonfanti

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  • Editore: Wizard Productions
  • Data di Pubblicazione: agosto 2015
  • Pagine: 147
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  • EAN: 9788890733260
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Franco Giabroni is a modest Italian filmmaker obsessed by only one thing: directing an American movie. Right in the worst period of his professional career, Franco receives an inheritance from America, from his Uncle Jack. His parents had always described his uncle as a top American movie producer, but he was actually an Italian-American mafia boss. As his last wishes, Uncle Jack has dictated that his heirs will only obtain their share of his huge estate if they succeed in saving the only honest Jabroni, their cousin Franco, who will have to get on the Ten Most Wanted list of the Providence police. Once Franco arrives in America, convinced he's fulfilling his life dream, he finds himself not heading a film production company, but being part of a notorious mafia family. "That’s the story of Franco’s life. Moments. Extremely short moments of joy, surrounded by long periods of shit."

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