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Italian Horror Story. E-book

Italian Horror Story. E-book

di Paolo Prevedoni

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  • Tradotto da: Simone Scimia
  • Editore: Bibliotheka Edizioni
  • Data di Pubblicazione: febbraio 2019
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  • EAN: 9788869344978

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A cursed villa, a mystery buried in the past, a writer of horror novels to whom a book on bloody events was commissioned. Events that, over the years, have ravaged Miraniente, a small town in the province of the Po Valley. A novel that gets under the skin thanks to a style that is capable of conveying the sense of mystery, of the thrill and of restlessness. Prevedoni masterfully mixes all the best of the dark imaginary of the last forty years: the Buffalora of Tiziano Sclavi (Dellamorte Dellamore) and the Derry Clowny portrayed by Stephen King (IT) marry with the thriller of Argento's memory (Profondo Rosso) and the Gothic Padano of Pupi Avati (La casa dalle finestre che ridono). The gore atmospheres of Lucio Fulci (L'aldilà) go hand in hand with the sarcastic drifts of the 80's horror film (An American Werewolf in London) and come together in the Carpenter tones of Il seme della follia. A small masterpiece of horror literature that is unmatched in our publishing scene, which is able to remind us of the meaning (perhaps lost) of the word fear. Translation of Simone Scimia.

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