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The Italian Mediterranean Diet. E-book

The Italian Mediterranean Diet. E-book

di Luigi Elia

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The word "diet" comes from the Greek language, its original meaning is: "lifestyle", more properly "style food." In the collective term that is often associated with fasting and abstinence, renunciations and deprivations. Diet instead, it means to be educated to eat properly, be aware of the choices to be made by consuming healthy foods, eating everything in the right quantities and at the right frequencies food, combining an active life in society based on physical movement. The diet, therefore, plays a central role in the welfare of human beings. In the countries of the Mediterranean basin while differing in language and traditions, there is a line common food that may, or rather could be identified in the so-called "Mediterranean diet", a dietary pattern that in the light of the latest scientific research seems now completely extinct. The traditional Italian diet, now seems to have been upset in its basic structure. The current food model retains very few aspects related to the Mediterranean diet of the past. After Supply and food popular in Calabria, Luigi Elia continues its journey in the ethnographic and culinary tradition of our country. Again, using tools anthropological, economic, social and cultural rights, the author outlines an extremely interesting and rich of our past which, in a continuous return to the present, also becomes a thorough analysis of how our way It relates to food, and therefore life is radically changed.

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