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World Food Trends and the Future of Food. E-book

World Food Trends and the Future of Food. E-book

di Nobile Marianna

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  • Data di Pubblicazione: febbraio 2016
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Following the Milan Universal Exposition, the scientific debateabout food and nutrition has gained particular attention in2015. As a result, this volume focuses on issues related to foodsafety, consumption, research and technology. Within theHórisma project, funded by the University of Milano-Bicoccaand the University of Milan, four young scholars investigatedthe possible developments of food production and consumptionfrom different perspectives through a critical analysis on foodtrends in the international scenario. The main theme that linksall the essays collected in this book is the belief that stimulatingdialogue among different disciplines, as well as promoting anintegrated and multidisciplinary approach, is crucial to face allthe issues concerning food and its connections to law, technology,society, and science.