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Advances and Updates in Phlebology. E-book

Advances and Updates in Phlebology. E-book

di Giovanni Nano, Daniela Mazzaccaro

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 NOT... once upon a time Phlebology... 
There was Vascular Surgery, Angiology and, before those, only General Surgery. 
The veins, if not varicose, were used in Arterial Surgery for some by-pass; if varicose, they were stripped by young assistants, in hospital and head physician, in private clinic... 
Then, on March 14, 1986, the Società Italiana di Flebologia was born, which spurred all of them artisans of this subject (the agonists and even the antagonists) to look for more scientific answers to the too many unsolved reasons why: a new science was born. 
And this text is a perfect scientific and updated synthesis: the authors of the various units are truly competent and they describe what practice daily. 
From historical hints that are precise in the search for distant, even prehistoric, roots the dissertation continues with a functional anatomy aimed at more modern therapeutic directions and then passes through new and courageous etiopathogenetic theories and surgical therapies. 
For the sake of completeness, they have also included units about new therapeutic proposals yet to be evaluated. 
But this is a book projected towards the future, as the last unit confirms. 
Thus, today there is PHLEBOLOGY. 
Giuseppe Genovese 
Founding President 
of the 
Società Italiana di Flebologia 

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