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The Well of San Hipólito. E-book

The Well of San Hipólito. E-book

di Miguel Ferrando

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  • Tradotto da: James Peel
  • Editore: Zoom Feltrinelli
  • Data di Pubblicazione: settembre 2016
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There is a country without hope, with a dry ground and a population without a future. But there is also an underground river, that could save it and that fascinates little Valentín since the day he spied the moves of the dowsers who have found it. And perhaps curiosity is the reason he agrees to go down the fiftyfour meters of darkness that will take him to the bottom of the well that engineers are digging, where a wrench that is blocking the works lies. The experience will change little Valentín's life forever. Number of characters: 44.040

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