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The Keepers of the Spring. E-book

The Keepers of the Spring. E-book

di Adriano Moraglio, Alberto Bertone

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  • Data di Pubblicazione: dicembre 2018
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«In front of us there is a treasure of nature, which seems to say: defend me, protect me, let me know. We approach the waterfall at an accessible point and sink our hands into a pool. It's good, it's very light ... The water we tasted has conquered us immediately and, moreover, the place is enchanting. The idea of ??commercial is as good as water itself. A few days later, my father summoned me to his office: "Alberto, take care of you". "But Daddy, I do not care about this thing, I have other things on my mind: buildings, construction sites ...». A spite of all my rebellions, beyond a little, where do I go? It's been just a month since that conversation with my father that I find myself dealing with mineral waters, sources to be managed, future bottles to sell and grains to solve ... ". Thus begins the story of the water "Sant'Anna", the natural mineral water today leading in Italy. And this is his novel.

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