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Ayalas Angel. E-book

Ayala's Angel. E-book

di Anthony Trollope

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te, and who was known to be quiet, domestic, and economical, but who had also been spoken of as having a will of her own,--"I shall do better with her than you would, Ayala."
"I don't see why."
"Because I can remain quiet longer than you. It will be very quiet. I wonder how we shall see each other! I cannot walk across the park alone."
"Uncle Reg will bring you."
"Not often, I fear. Uncle Reg has enough to do with his office."
"You can come in a cab."
"Cabs cost money, Ayey dear."
"But Uncle Thomas--"
"We had better understand one or two things, Ayala. Uncle Thomas will pay everything for you, and as he is very rich things will come as they are wanted. There will be cabs, and if not cabs, carriages. Uncle Reg must pay for me, and he is very very kind to do so. But as he is not rich, there will be no carriages, and not a great many cabs. It is best to understand it all."
"But they will send for you."
"That's as they please. I don't think the

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