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Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends and Other Childrens Stories from Around the World. E-book

Folklore, Fairy Tales, Myths, Legends and Other Children's Stories from Around the World. E-book

di Various, compiled by John Halsted

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  • Editore: Abela Publishing
  • Data di Pubblicazione: aprile 2017
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  • EAN: 9788826081205
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The 15 stories contained in this free eBook have been selected from the books that make up the series “Fairy Tales, Folklore, Myths and Legends from Around the World

Fifteen stories have been selected from the books in the series. So you will find stories from ancient Celtic England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. As well as Roma and Gypsy stories which have travelled across Europe from the Black Sea region. There are also stories from the Zulus and Bushmen of South Africa, to the Orient, the Silk Route, the Vikings, the Red Indians of North America and beyond.
The books in the series are rare and out of print books and have been republished as part of a Social Enterprise project where the main aim is to give a large portion of the profits to charity. In fact 33% of the profit from each book sold is donated to charities that specialise in educational scholarships for the underprivileged; and the beneficiaries of these scholarships are spread around the globe.

This is eBook is but a sampler of the rich and diverse tapestry of tales and folk-lore contained in the volumes published to date. We encourage you to visit our webpage listed in the book.

We also encourage you to pass this free eBook on to anyone and everyone you know, especially teachers and those with young children.
The stories in this volume are:
The Lost Message
The Further Adventures Of Eut-Le-Ten
The Vampire
The Slippers Of The Twelve Princesses
King O'toole And St. Kevin
The Young King Of Easaidh Ruadh.
The Story Of Gelert
Tom Tit Tot
The Perfidious Vizier
The Magic Of The Old Monk
Gulambara And Sulambara
The Rabbi’s Bogey-Man
The Story Of The Boy And The Old Woman, And How The Wasp Got His Small Waist
Twas The Night Before Christmas

So we invite to download this free ebook, and then sit back and be prepared to laugh or be amazed at the antics and outcomes of these magical stories.

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