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IRISH WONDER TALES - 14 Enchanting tales from the Emerald Isle. E-book

IRISH WONDER TALES - 14 Enchanting tales from the Emerald Isle. E-book

di Anon E. Mouse, Retold by D. R. McAnally, Illustrated by H. R. Heaton

  • Editore: Abela Publishing
  • Data di Pubblicazione: agosto 2017
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Herein are 14 Popular Tales collected from the people of Ireland and retold by D R McAnally. Here are tales of ghosts, giants, pookas, demons, leprechawns, banshees, fairies, witches, widows, old maids, and other marvels of The Emerald Isle.

Celtic lore holds a wealth of colorful characters which extend far beyond the island’s famed leprechauns. Celtic folklore not only preserves the island’s  cultural history, but is also richly entertaining, especially to young minds. This volume is infused with flavours that are uniquely Celtic. Celtic folklore overflows with vivid stories that fire the imagination.  In Jacobs’ own words, “The Celts went forth to battle, but they always fell. Yet the captive Celt has enslaved his captor in the realm of imagination.”

In this gathering of traditional folk tales brings together the best of the Emerald Isle's fabled dwellers. Tales like Taming the Pooka, About The Fairies, The Enchanted Isle, the Banshee, The Henpecked Giant, and, of course, The Leprechaun and more. All weave their spellbinding magic in the classic tradition of Irish storytelling in the pages of this enchanting treasury.

Illustrated by H R Heaton with 65 beautiful pen-and-ink drawings plus the sheet music to a 3 Celtic folk songs which brings a new life to these wonderful stories.