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The Lord of the Sea. E-book

The Lord of the Sea. E-book

di M.P. Shiel

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The story is of Richard Hogarth, a man of lofty spirit who on discovering a cache of giant diamonds inside a fallen meteor undertakes a bold project to re-shape the human condition on a global scale. He builds huge steel forts with his wealth, places diamonds at the cross-roads of the earth’s oceans to control all sea-traffic for tribute to benefit the citizens of his mammoth iron islands. „The Lord of the Sea (1901) develops a network of mid-19th-century motifs – incredible coincidences, swapped babies, hidden identities, chance-found incredible wealth, documents in a trunk, festering revenges, elaborate prison escapes, frustrated romance, Napoleonic megalomania – yet, though written to an aesthetic outdated for its time, in embodies that aesthetic with enormous elan and vitality.

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