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Summary: The Shadow Party. E-book

Summary: The Shadow Party. E-book

di BusinessNews Publishing

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The must-read summary of David Horowitz and Richard Poe's book: “The Shadow Party: How Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the Sixties Left Took Over the Democratic Party”.

This complete summary of "The Shadow Party" by David Horowitz and Richard Poe, two notorious conservative authors, presents their belief that America's institutions and values are under attack by the infiltration of liberal politicians into the Democratic Party. They believe that these people seek to undermine the war on terror and destabilize the nation through radical regime change.

Added-value of this summary:
• Save time
• Understand ideologies in American politics and institutional matters
• Expand your knowledge of American politics and culture

To learn more, read "The Shadow Party" and discover the authors' belief that radical left-wing infiltration of the political parties is putting American values and institutions at risk.

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