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Summary: The Party Faithful. E-book

Summary: The Party Faithful. E-book

di BusinessNews Publishing

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The must-read summary of Amy Sullivan's book: “The Party Faithful: How and Why Democrats Are Closing the God Gap”.

This complete summary of "The Party Faithful" by Amy Sullivan, a Time magazine editor and specialist in religion and politics, presents her examination of the changing relationship between faith and politics in America. She traces how the Democrats lost favour with religious voters through their framing of moral and ethical issues such as abortion, and how they are gradually gaining popularity again by finding common ground with evangelical communities.

Added-value of this summary:
• Save time
• Understand how the Democratic party lost and found favour with religious voters
• Expand your knowledge of American politics and culture

To learn more, read "The Party Faithful" and discover the changing relationship between religion and politics in the US, and how the parties are faring in these circumstances.

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