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The House Of The Swing - A Real Life Story. E-book

The House Of The Swing - A Real Life Story. E-book

di Franklin A. Díaz Lárez

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  • Tradotto da: Margaret Schroeder
  • Editore: Babelcube Inc.
  • Data di Pubblicazione: dicembre 2019
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Luis had it all: money, respect, power and love. But when fate struck a harsh blow, he had to sacrifice money, respect and power in a fight to keep the most important thing: the love of his life.
Luis and his wife had to leave their homeland of Venezuela with their three-year-old girl and move to Galicia, Spain to obtain treatment for her cancer. Besides the ravages of disease, they would face xenophobia, racism, discrimination, evil, and human cruelty. Their struggle would lead through hope and despair, and take Luis on a journey through memories of the past as he reached out toward the future.
This story based on real life is, above all, the story of a desperate struggle to retain love through illness, loss of fortune and a very dysfunctional family. As Luis fights for the future of his family, he journeys through memory into the history of his Venezuelan family. His odyssey, narrated in first person, includes magic realism, brutal violence, lyrical beauty and sublime love.

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