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Base Nature. E-book

Base Nature. E-book

di Ged Gillmore

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  • Editore: deGrevilo Publishing
  • Data di Pubblicazione: marzo 2018
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How far can you push a man before he reveals his base nature? Bill Murdoch is about to find out in his darkest case yet…

Murdoch takes on two cases in as many days. First he is hired to find local man, Scott Patterson, the victim of a mysterious abduction. Then an impressive stranger arrives in town with a tempting offer. 

But has Patterson really been abducted? 

And is the stranger all he appears to be?

As Murdoch gives in to temptation and risks everything by returning to his old criminal ways, the hunt for Scott Patterson takes an unexpected turn. Soon Murdoch and his partner, Davie Simms, are dragged into a depraved underworld of human trafficking, prostitution and torture, where they will find evil on their doorstep, and face a desperate fight for their lives.

BASE NATURE - Prepare yourself for a breathless journey to the darkest corners of human nature.


BASE NATURE is the third book in the Bill Murdoch Mystery series (HEADLAND #1, CLASS ACT #2, BASE NATURE #3). Set in Sydney, and small town Australia, this series will appeal to fans of Garry Disher, Peter Corris, Jane Harper, and Peter Temple. 

For samples and news on upcoming books, visit: www.gedgillmore.com

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