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The Preachers Wife Part 1. E-book

The Preacher's Wife Part 1. E-book

di Elizabeth Thorn, Sunny Starr

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  • Editore: Elizabeth Thorn
  • Data di Pubblicazione: giugno 2018
  • Pagine: 28
  • Dimensione: 0.29 MB
  • Formato: EPUB
  • Protezione: Non Protetto
  • Dettagli Protezione: Nessuno
  • EAN: 9780463584262
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Cathy, the gorgeous wife of a preacher, really doesn't want to commit adultery.

She really doesn't.

Being the sort of wife who willingly puts out for the handsome stud from next door really isn’t something her conscience can approve of.

If only the young alpha stud didn’t make her sweat so much.

Eddy the Alpha-Stud doesn't share the gorgeous redhead’s moral anguish, though. In fact, the handsome stud can't wait to get to work on her perfect body!

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