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The King of Pirates. E-book

The King of Pirates. E-book

di Daniel Defoe

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  • Editore: Forgotten Books
  • Data di Pubblicazione: novembre 2017
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  • EAN: 9780259715207
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I fhall not trouble my Friends with any Thing of my Original and fir?: Introduction into the' World, I leave it to you to add from yourfelf What you think proper to be known' on that Subject, only, this I enjoin you to take Notice of, that theaccount printed of me, with all the Par ticulars of my Marriage, my being defrauded, and leaving my Family and native Country on that Account, is a meer Fable and a made Story,' to e'mbellifh, as the Writer ofit perhaps fuppos'd, the ref: of his Story, orw'perhaps to fill up the Book, that it might fwell to a Magnitude which his barren Invention could not fupply.

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