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Hansel Grethel Other Tales. E-book

Hansel Grethel Other Tales. E-book

di Brothers Grimm

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  • Editore: Forgotten Books
  • Data di Pubblicazione: ottobre 2017
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I 'll tell you what, Husband,' answered the Woman, 'to-morrow morning we will take the children out quite early into the thickest part of the forest. We will light a fire, and give each of them a piece of bread; then we will go to our work and leave them alone. They won't be able to find their way back, and so we shall be rid of them.' Nay, Wife,' said the Man; we won't do that. I could never find it in my heart to leave my children alone in the forest the wild animals would soon tear them to pieces.' What a fool you are l she said. Then we must all four die of hunger. You may as well plane the boards for our coffins at once.' She gave him no peace till he consented. But I grieve over the poor children all the same,' said the Man. The two children could not go to sleep for hunger either, and they heard what their Stepmother said to their Father.

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