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Concise Calculus

Concise Calculus

di Sheng Gong, Youhong Gong

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Mathematics is the fundamental knowledge for every scientist. As an academic at the University of Science and Technology of China, Professor Sheng Gong takes his passion for mathematics teaching even further. Besides imparting knowledge to students from the Department of Mathematics, he has created and developed his method of teaching Calculus to help students from physics, engineering and other sciences disciplines understand Calculus faster and deeper in order to meet the needs of applications in their own fields.

This book is based on Professor Sheng Gong's 42 years of teaching experience along with a touch of applications of Calculus in other fields such as computer science, engineering. Science students will benefit from the unique way of illustrating theorems in Calculus and also perceive Calculus as a whole instead of a combination of separate topics. The practical examples provided in the book bring motivation to students to learn Calculus.

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