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di Michael Freeman

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  • Editore: Reaktion Books
  • Data di Pubblicazione: January 2004
  • EAN: 9781861891860
  • ISBN: 1861891865
  • Pagine: 197
  • Formato: Paperback
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Cambodia has a long and rich history, first becoming an artistic and religious power in Southeast Asia in the Angkor period (802-1432), when god kings ruled from vast temple complexes at Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. The cultural influence of Cambodia on other countries in the region has been enormous, quite out of keeping with its reduced territory and limited political and economic power today.

In "Cambodia," writer and photog-rapher Michael Freeman examines Cambodia's present troubled situation in the light of its political and cultural history, looking at many aspects of modern Cambodia, including the psychological effect of the outrages of Pol Pot, and how Angkor Wat has become an icon and symbol for its tourist and heritage industry.