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Atlas Reborn

Atlas Reborn

di Nick Koshy

Prodotto momentaneamente non disponibile
  • Editore: Inkwater Press
  • Data di Pubblicazione: April 2007
  • EAN: 9781592992683
  • ISBN: 1592992684
  • Pagine: 00300
California has fallen into the depths of the Pacific Ocean. The New West Coast has spawned a new subcontinent. A world was resurrected from the ashes of devastating wars, but mankind has to deal with the next reign of terror. Exploiting this vulnerable situation is the ambitious media mogul Zeus Nimrod, who believes in absolute monarchy. Dr. Frank Greene's zeal to enhance military prowess does not make it any easier for the masses. Ruth Thorne, a lone crusader, will have to unveil a symbol of hope to end this mad race for godhood. Retribution will take the form of a man, who will rise above the rest and face his adversaries head-on. He is Atlas.