Collaborative Nationalism: The Politics of Friendship on Chinas Mongolian Frontier. E-book Inglesi

Collaborative Nationalism: The Politics of Friendship on China's Mongolian Frontier. E-book Inglesi

di Uradyn E. Bulag

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In this deeply original study of the Mongols, leading scholar Uradyn E. Bulag draws on key themes of cosmopolitanism and friendship to develop a new concept he terms "collaborative nationalism." He uses this concept to explore the dilemma of minorities in China as they fight against being embraced too tightly in the bonds of "friendship." Through a rich array of case studies, Bulag illuminates the fierce competition among China, Japan, Mongolia, and Russia to appropriate the Mongol heritage to buttress their own national identities. Weighing the options the Mongols face, he argues that the ethnopolitical is not so much about identity as it is about the capacity of an ethnic group to decide and organize its own vision of itself, both within its community and in relation to other groups.

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