Clinical Neuroimmunology

Clinical Neuroimmunology

Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders


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07This introduction to neuroimmunology and immunotherapy is a comprehensive guide to immune-mediated disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system and other disorders with a major neuroimmunologic component. Special emphasis paid to multiple sclerosis.16This book will serve as a very useful resource for physicians dealing with, and interested in, this very complex and evolving branch of neurology.The book will provide an introduction to basic neuroimmunology and principles of immunotherapy. It will also serve as a comprehensive guide to immune-mediated disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system and other systemic disorders with a significant neuroimmunologic component. Special emphasis will be given to multiple sclerosis and related disorders. The chapters will be written by experts in their fields and will include the most up to date scientific information. The book will target neurologists, residents and fellows, internists, and general practitioners who treat patients with neurologic disorders and other systemic autoimmune diseases. An attempt will be made to simplify complex immunological mechanisms and to focus on practical patient related issues.04Table of contentsChapter 1: Introduction to Neuroimmunology Patricia K Coyle Chapter 2: Principles of Immunotherapy Jen Jocelyn and Lloyd Kasper Multiple Sclerosis Chapter 3: Immunopathogenesis Patricia K Coyle Chapter 4: Epidemiology and Genetics Robert H. Gross M and Philip L. Dejager Chapter 5: Clinical Features, Symptom Management and Diagnosis James M. Stankiewicz,and Guy J. BuckleChapter 6: Advances in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Multiple SclerosisRobert Zivadinov Chapter 7: Disease modifying agents in the Treatment of Multiple SclerosisSyed A. Rizvi Chapter 8: Multiple Sclerosis in ChildrenLauren Krupp, Yashma Patel, MD, Vikram Bhise, Chapter 9: Is Multiple Sclerosis a Vascular Disease?Mahesh V. Jayaraman and Syed A. Rizvi Chapter 10: Multiple Sclerosis: the next 20 yearsHoward L. WeinerOther CNS inflammatory disorders Chapter 11: Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelits (ADEM)Patricia K Coyle Chapter 12: Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum DisordersDean M.04 WingerchukChapter 13: Neuroimmunology of CancerEnrico C. Lallana, William F. Hickey, Camilo E. Fadul, Chapter 14: Central Nervous System InfectionsNajam Zaidi, Melissa Gaitanis, John Gaitanis, Karl Meisel and Syed A. Rizvi Chapter 15: The Neuroimmunology of Cortical Disease (Dementia, Epilepsy and Autoimmune Encephalopathies)Julie L. Roth, Brian R. Ott, John N. Gaitanis, Andrew S. BlumChapter 16: Immunological aspects of Movement disordersVictoria C. Chang Chapter 17: CNS VasculitisDavid S Younger , Adam PJ YoungerPeripheral Nervous System Disorders Chapter 18: Immunologic disorders of the Neuromuscular Junction and Muscle Kara A. Chisholm, James M. Gilchrist, John E. DonahueChapter 19: Autoimmune NeuropathiesGeorge Sachs Systemic Disorders Chapter 20: Systemic Autoimmune Diseases with Neurological ManifestationsRichard Choi, Valerie Gendron, Mac McLaughlin, Jonathan Cahill, Fathima Qadeer and Syed A. Rizvi 

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