Reparti Libri Tedeschi

Umwelt, Land- & Forstwirtschaft

  • € 540.24
    The Tomato Crop
    The tomato is commercially important throughout the world both for the fresh fruit market and the processed food industries. It is grown in...
  • € 580.26
    The Potato Crop
    Research and publications on the potato crop have burgeoned since the first edition of this book was published in 1978. However, the warm...
  • € 293.07
    Parasitic Plants
    Parasitic plants are of great economic importance and cause huge crop losses worldwide. They present unique biological aspects and control...
  • € 513.17
    The Groundnut Crop
    Groundnuts (peanuts) are of great economic importance internationally. This book provides thorough coverage of all aspects of the crop, each...